Our electric plaster cutter is developed by highly skilled professionals as per Customer’s need, Employing high definitions machines and equipment.

These electric plaster cutter are manufactured by us in compliance with the varied Clients requirements that makes them applicable in the different surgeries like cardiac surgery, Neuro Surgery, Ortho Surgery and Plastic Surgery and others. Our electric plaster cutters are also acknowledged by clients for their following attributes –

  • Assured quality
  • Durability and reliability
  • User Friendly nature
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Unique Construction

UltraClean - 09


Ultrasonic (ultrasound) is the sound which human being can not hear. Ultrasonic utilizes frequency From and above 18 Khz (18000 cycles per sound).

High Frequency electrical energy is converted into ultrasound waves by means of ultrasonic transducers which are boned on the basis of S.S cleaning Tank. These high frequency sound create in the liquid Countless, Microscopic Vacuum Bubbles, which rapidly expand and collapse. These phenomenon is CAVITATION.

Intense scrubbing of cavitation cleans away all the dirt and Soil from the objects immerse and objects is perfectly cleaned. Intricate objects can be either complete or little dismantiling.

  • High Efficiency solid – state circuits, with auto turning facility
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Operating frequencies : 36+- khz or 22+- khz. However for all general purpose cleaning 36+- 3 khz is highly recommended.
  • TO REMOVE - Dust, Oils, Grease, Polishing Compounds, Wazes, Swarf , Stains, Soils and any other Contaminants.
  • Transducers – PZT ( Lead, Zirconate, Titanate) Sandwich Type , These have very high efficiency
  • USAGE - Jewellery, Medical, Optical, Industrial, Laboratory, Laparsoscopy Instruments, Cannulated Drill, Remer & All types of Cannulated instruments for maximum life of instruments and Reduction infection rate.